All ages and experience levels:

* Guitar Lessons
* Bass Lessons
* Drum Lessons
* Piano Lessons
* Voice Lessons
* Violin Lessons
* Band/Orchestra Lessons

* Jazz Guitar Studies
* Song Writing
* Ukulele Lessons
* Recorder Lessons

Additional Services:

* Music Theory Test Preparation & Tutoring
* Guitar Repair
* Guitar Repair Instruction

5 Star REVIEWS - What people are saying:

My family has been going to Brazos Arts for about 1 1/2 years. I have 3 boys who take piano, guitar and drum lessons, and I take piano. I can not say enough good things about this company and the people who work there. They have been the best thing to happen to this musically inspired family. For what its worth, I think this is my second review ever - but they are worth it. Jeff E.

I'm thankful for having Greg and Brazos Arts staff in our lives for the past 3.5 years...our son Patrick has grown so much and they have been like family to us. Greg's passion for music and teaching is inspiring. I wouldn't go anyplace else!! - Atousa S.

Greg is a true artist and a dedicated teacher. In just one month I am working toward learning how to play one of my favorite songs on the guitar. This was a surprise to me as I expected to be required to learn to play Kumbaya to begin with. Instead he is teaching me that the guitar is a forgiving instrument with a fundamental core language. Once you understand the core - with practice you can play almost any song you want. Greg - Thanks for making this learning process fun and achievable! - Isabel M.

The teachers are so skilled at tapering the lessons to each student's ability, interests and talent! We love Mr. Issac! Sherrel P.

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Emilio Bernal,  instructor at the Brazos Arts, shows 10-year-old Chris Berry a power chord duirng "Guitar Hero-For Real", a guitar workshop that was part of the Bryan Public Library's summer program 

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